Culture assessment and behaviour profiling

Using a precise range of top line culture assessment and behaviour profiling tools, Peak Performance can help you take the guess work out of people and culture decisions.

Culture assessment

Research confirms that a strong culture where people feel the organisation is living its values has a significant impact on financial performance.

Peak Performance uses Barrett Values Centre's range of Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) to enable leaders to actively measure and manage culture. These powerful tools and metrics make the intangible tangible and help link culture to performance.

How CTT works
CTT is the most comprehensive cultural diagnostic values assessment available. It’s a simple on-line survey that takes about 15 minutes. The survey is customised for every organisation and is available in several languages, making it ideal for multinationals.

CTT has been tried and tested by more than 1500 organisations. Set-up costs are fixed and are the same for 30, 3,000 or even 30,000 employees.

Find out more at Barrett Values Centre, check out this Introduction to Corporate Transformation Tools on YouTube or contact us to discuss how we can help transform your culture into your competitive advantage.

Precision Profiling

Precision Profiling is an accurate and cost effective way to test and predict the motivations that drive people’s behaviours at work.

Statistically measuring someone’s motivational patterns allows us to understand what drives them to do what they do in their role, and how to keep them engaged, productive and satisfied at work. It is also the most effective predictor of job performance.

Precision Profiling using the iWAM tool allows an organisation to take into account individual preferences and to value each person for their strengths.

Master precision profiler Brian Clark has been a Peak Performance team member and associate since 2006. Contact us to find out more about how Precision Profiling can help improve individual, team and organisational performance.


We use the leading profiling tool iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivation). It’s a performance tool rather than a personality profile so there are no labels or types to box people into. Everyone’s profile is unique, like a fingerprint.

The online questionnaire takes less than 30 minutes and maps peoples’ thinking habits in relation to 48 aspects of work.

iWAM was developed in 2001 by Patrick Merlevede, a Belgian cognitive scientist and management consultant. It has been tested on more than 50,000 people worldwide, including Australians and New Zealanders, and has very high reliability (0.9) and validity.

iWAM can be used at all levels within the organisation and for a wide range of applications.

Visit the iWAM website or contact us for more information on this powerful tool.

More Tools

Depending on the application, Peak Performance also uses DiSC and Tetramap behavioural profiling tools. Our team members Susan and Nikki are Tetramap Master Facilitators and our extended network of associates are certified in most of the other popular tools.

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