Are you planning to fail in 2017?

Annual strategic plans can fail to deliver the intended outcomes and in hindsight bear little resemblance to the year that plays out.  If you’re going into planning mode for 2017, here are some useful tips and tools from my colleague Phillip Ralph, that might help you take a fresh look at your approach to planning and positively impact on your success in the year ahead.

In Getting Ready for the Planning Season – Part 1, Ralph talks about creating a “collective ambition” that takes into account the key elements required to achieve and sustain excellence. He also discusses the important concept of organisational health or what McKinsey have defined as "the ability of an organisation to align, execute and renew itself faster than the competition so that it can sustain exceptional performance over time."

From Getting Ready for the Planning Season – Part 2 I particularly like the Team Charter Canvas pictured below which helps leaders answer the “why, how and what” for their team. It’s a simple and versatile framework that can be used to assess the current state, identify priority areas and stimulate conversation that leads to new learning and new possibilities.

Team Charter Canvas

Team Charter Canvas


No matter how robust the plan, the biggest challenge lies in its execution. For more ideas on how to improve your planning and implementation efforts contact Phillip Ralph on 1300 100 857 or email:

Posted: Tuesday 30 August 2016

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