Are your people passionate promoters of your business?

Interesting new research from Integro shows that people who feel passionate about their jobs don’t necessarily feel the same about their organisation. Of those surveyed, 85% were passionate about the work they did every day but only 48% were passionate about the organisation they worked for.

We’ve seen evidence of this quite often when working with front line sales and service staff – they love their job and the people they work with, pity about the organisation! Of course this attitude and lack of emotional connection to the organisation permeates their interactions with customers and colleagues. If your people are only passionate about their job it has implications for productivity, staff turnover, customer retention and ultimately the bottom line.

The difference in feeling passionate about your job as well as the organisation, apparently, is trust. The research found that
the primary predictors - that is, whether employees were passionate about their work and their organisation – were:

  • We have high standards of honesty in everything we do

  • The work I do is meaningful because it helps my organisation fulfil its mission

  • My immediate manager or supervisor trusts me and treats me with respect

  • We can communicate openly our own ideas and opinions

To see how your organisation or team is faring in the passion stakes you could gain useful insights from a formal engagement or culture survey that picks up on the above predictors, but a quicker way might be to apply the Net Promoter Score (NPS) concept that measures customer, or in this case staff, loyalty. By asking your people “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to your friends and family?” you can measure the net effect of staff who are promoters over staff who are detractors, to come up with a new measurable category that we call “passionate promoters.”

According to management guru Gary Hamel, passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability. And if business is essentially the activity of creating value it follows that passionate promoters will create more value for your customers and the organisation. You can encourage your people to become passionate promoters by proactively developing a culture that values transparency, openness and honesty, and by providing ways in which they can express their views freely.

Perhaps it’s time to assess whether there is a passion deficit in your organisation and to do something about it?

Posted: Wednesday 15 August 2012

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