Attitudes and Motivations - the missing ingredients in executive assessment

As one Group GM explained to me recently, there are a number of "impactful manoeuvres" happening in Australian businesses calling for stronger leadership, greater cohesiveness and better performance of the top team.

In times of significant change, making the right people decisions is even more vital. In my view, Profiling is essential to ensure the right people are in the right roles and to help mitigate the risks of making damaging and costly mistakes. Here's an article I co-wrote with my colleague Brian Clark about Precision Profiling, an unrivaled process for assessing executive talent.

A new way of profiling of executives

Going beyond the traditional IQ, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and personality assessments, with Precision Profiling® it is now possible to confidently predict how an executive will be motivated to perform, behave and communicate in a specific work environment.  There are no labels or quadrants to box someone into. Each individual profile is unique, like a fingerprint.  Precision Profiling® allows the organisation to take into account an individual’s natural preferences, value each person for their strengths and determine where they best fit.

Measuring specific work related attitudes and motivations is the most important and effective predictor of likely job performance.  The cost effective, online tool iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations) used in Precision Profiling® takes around 30 minutes to complete. It looks at behavioural patterns including key operational factors, adaptation to change, motivational criteria, tasks/project approach, communication preferences and so on. How the patterns cluster together provides enormous insight into the ‘make-up’ of each individual and allows us to understand what drives someone to do what they do.

Compatibility & group think insights

Potentially even more useful in executive assessment is that each individual’s profile can be combined with the rest of the management team to provide a map of the underlying “group think” that will drive management decisions and actions – and their likely impact on the corporate culture.

Also available is a ‘paired comparison’ to see how two key people are likely to work together. Motivational drivers and thinking styles can be sorted into areas of most and least compatibility, giving insights into those similarities and differences that will affect their working relationship. The heightened awareness and understanding gained through this process can also help solve personality conflicts often prevalent in times of change, resulting in a more harmonious and productive environment between partners, peers, managers and direct reports, executives and their assistants.

The insight provided through Precision Profiling® is relevant across the whole HR spectrum, offering a means for improving engagement, effectiveness and performance. Benefits of Precision Profiling® include:

  • Unique insight into the psyches of senior executives

  • Better understanding of the management culture

  • Objective information on which to base critical people decisions

  • Faster and more effective people and culture integration

  • Insight into how to motivate and engage key people

  • More effective use of talent

  • Identification of potential gaps or ‘blind spots’ within the senior team

  • A tool for managing conflicts as they arise

  • Reduced incidence of wrong fit or ‘square pegs in round holes’

  • Early detection and re-direction of potential blockers

  • Less likelihood of unplanned and unwanted attrition

  • Greater depth of understanding of the individual and team dynamics at play at the senior level

As well as gaining deeper understanding of current executives, Precision Profiling® provides invaluable human insights that reduce the inherent costs, risks and stress associated with executive selection.

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Posted: Wednesday 20 February 2013

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