Cultural appreciation key to business success

Last week I attended an interesting financial services briefing hosted by Madgwicks. The presenter was Mark Burgess GM of the Future Fund, Australia's sovereign wealth fund which manages more than $70 billion of our superannuation.

An engaging speaker (despite the unreadable slides, tables and charts one expects from a numbers man!), Mark discussed the countless investment challenges in our uncertain global economy. It was a little unnerving to realise that even the financial experts in our successful developed country really are in uncharted territory. Like every other business leader they are doing their best to minimise the risk and make the right decisions, based on flawed and constantly changing information. 

When asked about the impact of emerging markets I was interested to note Mark's comment that 'cultural appreciation' is going to be a key business priority over the next 20 years. I think that is true at a global economic level, national level and organisational level. In business, the winners will be those who embrace diversity and foster their culture as a unique competitive advantage. What do you think?
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Posted: Thursday 15 December 2011

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