Cut through the Cultural Clutter to Improve Performance

I’m a huge fan of Barrett Values Centre’s Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) because I’ve seen firsthand how the Tools can cut through the clutter and help simplify the complex concept of culture. There is an undeniable relationship between culture and performance and CTT is simply the best way I know for an organisation to measure and monitor its culture in order to pinpoint problems, and galvanise and align its people.

Here’s a useful Introduction to Corporate Transformation Tools on YouTube and some free resources that demonstrate how these powerful tools can be broadly applied from a personal, family, organisational and even a national perspective:

Your FREE Personal Values Assessment – A quick online review of your own values reported in the context of the Barrett model plus a couple of personal development exercises.

Family Values – Designed for children and adults, this exercise is a great opportunity to explore your family values and understand what’s important to each family member.

Case Study: ING Banking Asia – Using CTT to help answer the main question “How can we make the most out of our different entities and work towards a common identity?”

United States Cultural Evolution Report - An interesting analysis of the cultural shifts that have occurred in the United States in 2009 and 2011.

Organisational culture is on the agenda again as a hot topic for leaders to address. Visit our website for more information on culture assessment and don't hesitate to contact us if you’d like to better understand the impact your culture is having on performance and what you can do to improve.


Posted: Monday 29 October 2012

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