Doing well by doing good

Across the globe, executives are realising that we need to change the way we run our businesses because the old ways don’t serve society effectively any more. People have grown tired of self-serving companies that don't care.

"We should be feeding into the prosperity of the community, not off it" - Bendigo Bank

There is a global movement to redefine success in business from a much broader, more inclusive social perspective and we’re now at a time when businesses are facing the option of changing or becoming irrelevant in the eyes of their customers and even their employees.

Attracting fully engaged, top talent is a major part of this new paradigm. Younger generations coming into the workforce want to be part of something bigger, something with purpose. It’s becoming one of the biggest challenges for employers today.

So what do we do about it?  Everyone seems to have an opinion which can be very confusing and who’s to say that the prevailing advice is going to work in your business?

Brian Clark, who has worked with Peak Performance for many years, has launched a great new initiative - ROI+I (Return on Investment and Integrity) Study Tours. The Tours have been created not to tell leaders how to run their businesses, but to showcase successful businesses that are making waves and making a difference.

These types of businesses are generally around 120% more profitable than standard S&P500 businesses within three years of operation and they're being nominated for all the best employer awards. They all live by the principle that ‘doing good is good for business’ as both Sir Richard Branson and McKinsey & Co. promote, and it permeates everything they do.

The upcoming week-long intensive study tour planned for 1st - 5th September 2014 in Australia is about observing first-hand what is working for other companies who are thriving and embracing this change as part of their daily existence. It is a unique opportunity to see how they are redefining the way they do business and getting the incredible results that they are, both socially and financially - in some cases even against insurmountable odds.

If you want to find out more contact Brian or check out this short video explaining the paradigm-busting ROI+I study tour concept.  Might see you on tour?!


Posted: Friday 27 June 2014

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