From Mentor to Mentee - Senior leaders want Mentors too!

It can be lonely at the top and it's often difficult for senior leaders to know who to turn to for confidential, objective advice and sound guidance, especially when faced with situations they've never tackled before. More and more, top executives are seeking mentoring relationships with other senior leaders who can challenge their thinking and provide additional perspectives.

Research outlined in an interesting HBR article "CEO's Need Mentors Too" found that 71% of CEOs with formal mentoring arrangements were certain that company performance had improved as a result. They reported that they were making better decisions, more capably fulfilling stakeholder expectations, avoiding costly mistakes and becoming more proficient in their roles, faster.

The Leaders Mentor (TLM) is a new venture that aims to inspire, challenge and develop senior leaders, so they can approach every facet of their role with passion, direction and confidence. The Leaders Mentor offers peer to peer mentoring that enables senior leaders to address their leadership challenges and opportunities utilising a unique curated approach that brings them the right mentoring and subject matter expertise at the right moment.

"Our team brings a wide range of skills and life experiences gained in corporate, local government, government and small business environments. We understand where our clients are coming from because we know what it is like to do what they do," said Kerry Osborne, Director at The Leaders Mentor.

As the CEO of Peak Performance International, I've benefited from being both a mentor and a mentee, which is why I'm delighted be a lead mentor for TLM. You can find out more at The Leaders Mentor website or contact me ( to facilitate a confidential initial discussion.

Posted: Friday 30 June 2017

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