The four ingredients CEOs need to know to drive a culture of innovation

Last week TakeON! Chief Executive Paul Stewart and Chairman Sam Knowles talked shop with senior leaders at a New Zealand Victoria Business Group (NZVBG) event in Melbourne, sharing their picks for the top attributes that shape innovative cultures.

According to Paul you need four things for a genuinely innovative culture:

1. A deep focus on the customer experience.

Deep focus means going well beyond asking customers what they want. It’s about immersing yourself into their lives and really trying to imagine the value you could create. Real customer-centricity.

2. To build a passion and excitement for your products and services.

Purpose is about doing what’s right and what is worthwhile. Purpose might mean a desire to discover something new, the drive to help others, an ambition to continue a great legacy. It is purpose that creates the intrinsic motivation – the passion, energy and excitement required for innovation.

3. Great collaboration – with staff, service providers and customers.

Collaboration is about individuals and teams being willing and able to come together and work together. It’s about being joined up and being connected. And the more diverse the team the better!

4. Change agility – the ability to move very quickly to get things done.

Change and innovation go hand in hand. Change means innovation. Innovation means change. Change agility applies equally to mindsets and behaviours as it does to products and procedures.

Often when we think about innovation it’s about major transformational breakthroughs but driving a culture of innovation that focuses everyone in the organisation on making small incremental changes can have a massive impact.

Where is your innovation focus - fast wins or big bangs!

Watch the webinar to see an example of a Bank that implemented over 7000 small changes over a year and the collective impact of this across the business.

Contact me for the slides of the presentation “Leading Innovation – What Matters Most from a CEO Perspective.”



Posted: Wednesday 27 August 2014

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