The Key to Boosting Productivity

Never has it been more important in business for us to lift our game. Times are still tough for many and budgets are tight. For years we’ve been challenged with doing more with less and it is getting harder to achieve.

I’m reminded of Charles Handy’s famous book “The Empty Raincoat.” Almost 20 years ago he used the equation ½ x 2 x 3 = P to describe a company’s vision of having half as many people being paid twice as much producing three times the work, equalling an increase in productivity and profit. Sadly these days, with the seemingly endless rounds of redundancies, there are often half the people, still getting paid the same, expected to do twice as much and deliver three times the results!

So how do you make the most of what you’ve got and lift productivity?

There are various levers you can pull to influence productivity – the work environment, systems and processes but ultimately, your best productivity booster potential lies in the ‘people power’ that drives your organisation.

Increasing productivity requires changing behaviours. In order to change behaviours we need to change our thinking, and challenge “the way we do things around here.” To do that we have to have a different conversation – one that’s shaped in a way that fosters new thinking, new mindsets, and therefore drives new behaviour. An ongoing conversation that: provides clarity about who we are and what we're aiming for; builds the confidence to explore the options and try new ways of doing things; and galvanises people to continuously strive to do even better.

A bank executive and TakeON! client who recently witnessed the power of purposefully shaping conversations within his own team put it this way:

“The most important thing we did to shift the culture was to ‘change the conversations’ happening across the business. That didn’t happen through emails or PowerPoint presentations, but through leader-led, dialogue-based communication at all levels, underpinned by stories and examples of the success we were seeking in action. And not just once or twice, but ensuring these conversations were happening week in, week out.”

If you can identify what real productivity progress might look like in your organisation, then Peak Performance can work with you to help you achieve it. To find out more about  TakeON!'s conversation-based approach to improving productivity and examples of how it has contributed to gains in quality, employee engagement, efficiency and customer experience click here to view the latest TakeON! webinar – “Getting More From What You’ve Got.” Then contact us for a confidential conversation about what matters to your business.


Posted: Monday 22 April 2013

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