The trick to making leadership training stick

Peak Performance is working with the team at The High Performance Mindset at Work (HPMW) to help individuals and organisations to get more from their leadership skills training – by putting mind-set over matter.

Developed by The Bernard Group, The High Performance Mindset at Work (HPMW) program helps leaders to excel by turning their attention to the attitudes and behaviours that lead to more effective leadership. The bonus is that this mindset training also helps skills-based training to ‘stick’.

Research over a 20 year period has identified high performance leadership skills to be things like the ability to communicate a clear vision of the organisation’s future. Involving staff in decision making. Role modelling doing the ‘right thing’. Dealing with conflict in a timely way. Building on strengths and focusing on positives.

According to Professor Michael Bernard, renowned expert in the field of high performance, “While positive culture, leadership and management have a big impact on the extent to which an organisation is high performing, what matters most is the MINDSET of people at all levels”.

Dr Bernard’s research over the same period found that exceptional leaders also have a mind-set that distinguishes them from their peers. They:

  • stay calm in challenging situations and with difficult people

  • are 100% determined to finish the job

  • have the self belief to lead and be successful

  • believe that no matter their age, state or status, they are always developing over time

  • accept that everyone makes mistakes

  • are empathetic listeners

  • know themselves, what they stand for and behave accordingly

  • do not judge their value as people on their work performance – with humility, they accept themselves as worthwhile no matter what

  • make a conscious choice to be aware of the positives in people and situations

Of concern to organisations and training providers alike, the evidence shows that many people who go to leadership training don’t take what they learn back to work. But those with a well-developed set of work attitudes and behavioural strengths do.

The question of course is then, how do you develop a mind-set that is receptive to soaking up and applying leadership skills in the workplace?

Now with HPMW we can integrate skill-set and mind-set development in a customised approach designed to stretch good leaders into great leaders. HPMW is practical  and tailored to each organisation’s challenges and priorities.

And it’s working. HPMW has been rolling out  across the health and education sectors and the science behind the program makes for interesting reading.  Read HPMW’s articles on:

Professor Bernard is presenting an introductory HPMW session for senior leaders in late May in Melbourne. Contact me if you’re interested in attending or to find out how you can make your leadership development more effective and achieve a better return on the investment in your leaders.


Posted: Thursday 15 May 2014

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