Three ways to lift performance in tough times

In today’s turbulent market it makes sense to look for ways to improve the way you operate. But instead of just trying to do more with less, get smart about what you’ve got with some innovative and inexpensive assessment tools.

At Peak Performance we use the leading behaviour profiling tool iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivation), and Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), to enable leaders to actively measure and manage culture.

Here are three ways these innovative tools can be used to help organisations perform better:

1. Create a peak performance culture

Assessing your current culture and comparing it to your desired ‘peak performance’ culture can pinpoint misaligned values and issues such as bureaucracy, silo mentality, or poor communication. Slice and dice the data based on important organisational demographics so you can see what’s going on at the base level, then proactively focus on fixing the problems.

More on the Corporate Transformation Tool

2. Retain the right people in the right roles

It sounds obvious but many people lead lives of quiet desperation battling in roles they’re not naturally suited to. In challenging times you might need to make some tough calls on who stays or goes, combine teams, and need people to step up to the next level. Often during change the best people go first. It’s not all about competence and experience – attitudes and motivations have been shown as the best predictors of behaviour.

Profile your key people to better understand what makes them tick, look at their strengths and pick the best fit for the role. Make sure you have round pegs in round holes. Play to people’s strengths, use the right levers to motivate them and watch your productivity improve.

How iWAM can help you profile your key people


3. Model excellence

Imagine if the rest of your people performed like your best! What impact would it have on your organisation’s profitability? Now it’s possible to understand the motivators that make the difference in performance. In most teams there are the high performers, low performers, and everyone in between.

The iWAM tool identifies the common behavioural patterns for each performance group and highlights the patterns that are different for high performers. A model of excellence for a particular role can then be built to guide recruitment and selection, identify development needs, focus coaching and motivate people to perform at their best.

Find out more about the methodology for building a model of excellence using iWAM.

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Posted: Thursday 5 April 2012

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