Toxic Culture Syndrome - Do you suffer from it?

In the news this week a departing senior executive of Wall Street icon Goldman Sachs lamented what he sees as the ‘declining moral fibre’ of the firm, generating hundreds of comments highlighting the prevalence of what I call Toxic Culture Syndrome. Toxic cultures exist when leaders demonstrate or fail to address toxic behaviour and Greg Smith’s parting shot at his former employer serves as a wake-up call for leaders everywhere.

When reading the original New York Times article you might like to consider these questions:

· How do you and your people refer to clients? Hopefully not Muppets!

· Are you focused on making your people, your clients AND your organisation more successful?

· How has your culture changed over the past 2, 5, 10 years? Do you really know and is it for the better?

· Where is your culture heading and are you proactively managing it?

· As a leader, what behaviours are you role modelling?

· What ‘toxic’ behaviours might be disengaging your people and enraging your clients?

If you want to objectively understand what your people think about your culture or know there are some issues you need to address, contact us for a confidential discussion.

Posted: Friday 16 March 2012

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