M&A Words of Wisdom from the 1960's

More than 50 years ago, Harvard Business Review published an article on Mergers & Acquisitions that stated:
We cannot overestimate the importance of getting to know the president and his key personnel. Evidence indicates that the more fully the parent company understands their emotional and personal needs, their weaknesses and strengths, their fears and apprehensions, the more effectively it will be able to help with the acquisition and to manage the company later on.

These words of wisdom still hold true and fortunately today we have a wide range of profiling tools that enable us to quickly and objectively gain insight into peoples attitudes and motivations at work. One the latest and best profiling tools we've come across is iWAM - check it out at http://www.jobeq.com/iwam.php

What profiling tools have you found most useful for assessing management?
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Posted: Monday 7 November 2011

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