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Take the first step in developing your cultural advantage

Culture has an impact on everything inside your organisation. And like a living organism, it has the power to adapt and evolve on its own.


As a leader, you have two choices. You can positively influence your culture on purpose, or risk it transforming in ways that negatively impact employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Every organisational culture is unique. From the boardroom to the frontline, Peak Performance can help you to intentionally create the cultural advantage you need for sustainable growth.

Tools to help bridge the gap between the culture you have and the culture you want

At the heart of our culture survey process are the values-based Cultural Transformation Tools® from Barrett Values Centre.


First, an online cultural values assessment identifies those values and behaviours that are prevalent in your culture today and those that will help your organisation to thrive in the future.


Then interviews and focus group sessions open up the dialogue as we explore and share the culture assessment results. Informed by the quantitative and qualitative data, we co-create an action plan that plays to your cultural strengths and addresses any underlying issues that are hindering engagement, productivity and performance.


You can have confidence that the culture development initiatives you implement will move you towards an optimal culture that drives your success.

If you want to get a taste of the tools we use then take our FREE personal values assessment.

A measurable pathway to transform your company culture

Key to successful transformation is a deep understanding of the current state and a clear picture of the desired state. Unlike others, the Peak Performance culture survey process helps you do both.


Importantly, it also provides a cultural health score and a range of other insightful indices, that allow you to measure and monitor the ongoing progress of your culture change initiatives.

Find out how Peak Performance can partner with you to unlock the creativity and collective wisdom of your people, so they want to be part of the transformation journey.