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Optimise your organisational culture 

The business environment is constantly changing and although you can't control all the variables impacting your organisation, you can choose how you want to work.

​Listening to customers, empowering your people and intentionally shaping your company culture has never been more important. Get it right and employee engagement and retention goes up and with it a sense of belonging and commitment that impacts every metric from customer satisfaction to profitability.

Along with the objective expertise of a trusted partner, having the data on which to base your people and culture decisions is vital. That's why Peak Performance is excited to be the only company to offer a choice of three of the world's most popular culture assessment and engagement survey tools - Barrett Analytics, WorkXO and Peakon.


Used separately or in combination, these modern culture surveys and employee experience platforms provide insights that will help you to solve your biggest people and culture challenges and build a competitive cultural advantage.

The cultural drivers behind the metrics

As a leader, you live by business metrics like customer satisfaction, employee engagement and the all-important financials. Peak Performance reveals the cultural drivers behind those business metrics - so you can make better decisions and deliver better outcomes for all your stakeholders.

As culture impacts everything inside your organisation, you have two choices.
You can prioritise and proactively influence your company culture. Or, you can leave it to chance and risk your culture evolving in ways that negatively impact your people, performance and results.

If you prefer to be proactive, Peak Performance will help you to strengthen your company culture so your people and business can thrive in this rapidly changing world.

Uncover what makes people tick
Barrett Values Centre

Start with your core values

Building your culture advantage begins with understanding the core values that inspire it. These core values motivate the decisions your people make and the actions they take.

Doing a thorough cultural values assessment (CVA) at the outset of your culture change efforts means you can better understand the foundations of your organisation. What matters most, the strengths and the challenges.


Action plans can then be based on objective insights about the core values and behaviours that are driving your organisational culture today and what changes you might need to influence for a successful tomorrow.


Explore Barrett Analytics cultural values assessment (CVA) and leadership development tools and let's discuss how they can be used to measure and strengthen your organisational culture.

Check out the Barrett Model from Barrett Values Centre below. And for a taste of the core values assessment tools we use, take our FREE personal values assessment.

Barrett Analytics

A powerful culture assessment tool 

At the heart of the Peak Performance culture survey process is an online cultural values assessment based on the Barrett Model from Barrett Values Centre.

​The Barrett Model maps personal, current culture and desired cultural values and behaviours across seven levels, ranging from survival and viability at one end, to contribution and social responsibility at the other. 

Using this powerful organisational culture survey, Peak Performance can help you to:

  • discover, refresh and activate the core values and behaviours that distinguish your organisation

  • stimulate meaningful conversations about  purpose, strategy, priorities and well-being to inform and align culture change initiatives

  • measure and manage your organisation's cultural health, resilience and sustainability  

Find out more about the science behind the Barrett Model from Barrett Values Centre and contact us to put the theory into practice!

The Barrett Model
The Barrett Model
Peak Performance
"The Peak Performance team really care about the outcome for our business and about how they can best support us to achieve our objectives. I would highly recommend Peak Performance and the Cultural Values Assessment Tools from Barrett."

Global Director Learning & OD, Treasury Wine Estates

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