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Improve Emotional Intelligence to boost leadership and business success

When it comes to achieving peak performance – both personally and professionally, there is a set of social and emotional competencies that play a key role.  Commonly referred to as emotional intelligence, emotional quotient or EQ, these abilities or skills enable us to manage our own emotions and lead and influence others effectively.  


In today's complex, hybrid work environment, emotionally intelligent leaders are urgently needed. Peak Performance can help you to inspire better performance and greater success by developing leaders with high emotional intelligence.

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Emotiona Capital Report

What is Emotional Intelligence?


Emotional Intelligence is how well we identify and manage our own emotions and react to the emotions of others.

Emotional Intelligence is:

  • a range of personal and interpersonal qualities

  • being able to understand and express personal feelings

  • being able to get along with other people

  • about communicating clearly and with empathy

  • the ability to respond positively and with sensitivity to new situations

  • able to be developed

Leaders with high EQ are key to your organisation's success.


Contact us to find out how Peak Performance can help develop the emotional quotient (EQ) of your team.

Emotional intelligence
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Emotional Capital Report

Emotional Intelligence Assessment 

Research has established a clear link between emotional intelligence and leadership success and there is a compelling business case for equipping leaders with the 10 dynamic emotional intelligence skills that distinguish the best leaders from the rest.


To help measure and develop high emotional intelligence in leaders, Peak Performance uses the world’s most advanced EQ assessments - RocheMartin’s Emotional Capital Report (ECR), the ECR 360 and the Emotional Capital Workshop.

You can choose self-assessment or the EQ 360 option that incorporates feedback from your leader, peers, direct reports and others to provide a '360 degree' perspective.

Watch the video to find out more and contact us to learn about our insightful emotional intelligence assessment and EQ development process. 

Emotional Capital Report Emotional Intelligence Model

Choose the Emotional Capital Report ECR

Developed for businesses and benchmarked against some of the world’s best-performing leaders, the RocheMartin ECR takes just 10-12 minutes to complete. It has numerous applications including leadership development, selection and recruitment and team building.

The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) & ECR 360 is:

  • the most recent development in scientific thinking on how you measure and develop emotional intelligence.

  • based on RocheMartin's analysis of 142+ scientific papers and the largest normative sample of more than 180,000 profiles of the highest performing leaders.

  • written in business language relevant for all levels of leadership.

  • proven to significantly improve a person's self-awareness of this fundamental element of human behaviour.

Get in touch for a sample ECR report and let's discuss whether the Emotional Capital Report is the best way to assess and improve emotional intelligence in your organisation.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

The insights uncovered in the RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report are the catalyst for coaching conversations and training to support leaders in becoming more aware of how emotions in themselves and others drive behaviours.


Guided by the coaching strategies, emotional advisor tips and an action plan to improve emotional intelligence in the ECR, leaders can learn how to manage their emotions intelligently to leverage their personal strengths.


With time and effort, it is possible to 'rewire' the brain's neural pathways and create new more emotionally intelligent behavioural habits to improve EQ and leadership effectiveness. 


Contact Peak Performance to find out how to develop high emotional intelligence in your workplace.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Conversation
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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

When it comes to learning, what people need most is support and a safe space to stretch themselves, discover their own potential, and build their emotional resources.

Our one-day emotional intelligence workshop is designed to equip leaders with the ten EQ skills that distinguish outstanding leaders from average ones. It is for anyone who aspires to lead and influence others more effectively.


Learning objectives:

  • Uncover the science behind emotional intelligence and emotional capital

  • Learn the emotional and social skills that drive effective leadership

  • Assess and review your own emotional intelligence and leadership skills

  • Develop a personal action plan for becoming a more emotionally intelligent leader


Get in touch to discuss how we can help your leaders to develop high EQ, accelerate their leadership success and develop the emotional culture of your organisation.

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