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Reiki Energised Coaching

It's coaching, but not as you know it!

Energised Coaching is a powerful new approach to executive coaching that combines coaching conversations, mindful meditation and the healing energy of Reiki. 


Energised Coaching is for leaders in all sectors who find themselves working so hard that it takes a toll on their health and well-being and their personal life. It's for those who want to look after themselves so they can stay at the top of their game at work and at home.


Available online, or in person, Energised Coaching is ideal for those in high-pressure roles. Based on ReikiScience, energised coaching takes a holistic approach to coaching that helps you to relax, recover and re-energise while you're working on your business, leadership, or lifestyle goals.

If you're open to new ideas and would like to discuss our Energised Coaching options, please get in touch for a confidential discussion.