Peak Performance develops corporate cultures that are proudly customer centric. We work with leading organisations that understand the link between customer loyalty and profitability. Our experienced team of culture change facilitators can help to turn your corporate culture into your competitive advantage.

Organisational culture is a unique and complex combination of your values, vision and beliefs. It influences your people's behaviour and ultimately your business performance.

Our experience has found that internally focused cultures flounder while customer centric cultures excel. Any of your competitors can give your customers what they need. We can show your whole organisation how to give your customers what they want.

Customer centric culture change benefits

Second to None is our innovative customer culture program. It has delivered excellent results for a range of organisations in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, insurance and transport.

Our clients have reported:

  • greater customer satisfaction
  • reduced service costs
  • empowered, motivated, happy staff accountable for their own results
  • better internal and external relationships
  • alignment with organisational vision, values and goals
  • aligned frontline and back office teams
  • faster culture integration in M&A situations 
  • superior value delivered to customers, staff and other key stakeholders
  • improved bottom line results.

How we do it

Our culture change solutions are often large-scale, involving hundreds or thousands of people, at all levels across Australia and New Zealand.

Second to None has proven highly effective in stimulating behaviour and culture change and speeding up the integration of merged cultures. The modular program includes profiling, training, coaching and workplace activities to help individuals, teams and organisations become the best in their sector.

All our training is tailored to your organisation and presented by top line facilitators who are all successful business people. Your team will find out why it's vital to go beyond customer service and become obsessed with making your customers successful – and how to do it.

The Second to None message can be delivered in a number of formats: as a keynote presentation, a series of interactive workshops for sales or service teams, or as an organisation-wide customer culture initiative.

The 7 Cs for creating customer centric culture change
Our proven culture change training starts with your customers and focuses on seven key areas vital to empowering your people to exceed your customers' expectations:

  • Clarity – to unite
  • Context – for perspective
  • Confidence – to change
  • Capability – to create value
  • Communication – for effective customer conversations
  • Commitment – to action
  • Coaching – for performance

Clients who have used this service include:
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, National Australia Bank, Sensis, Australian Administration Services (AAS), Telecom, Air New Zealand, Bank of New Zealand, American International Assurance, Fisher & Paykel Finance, Inland Revenue Department, CP Ships, Fidelity Life, Yellow Pages, Electrix, DHL and Vodafone New Zealand.


Peak Performance is Australasia’s first M&A culture integration consultancy. Our team members have been involved in the people and culture aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions for more than a decade.  Find out more...


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