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WorkXO culture assessment

How do your people experience your organisational culture?


Developed by culture experts and powered by QuestionPro's dynamic Workforce platform, the WorkXO culture assessment tells you how your people experience your organisational culture. WorkXO assesses and measures how your culture is evolving from the traditional workplace to the future workplace. Neither end of the scale is inherently good or bad - that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Once you have powerful business intelligence around what your organisational culture really is, Peak Performance can help you to develop the culture you really need to drive your business strategy. Watch the demo to learn more.

WorkXO Culture Survey on the Workforce Platform from QuestionPro

WorkXO Culture Assessment Model

Analyse your culture patterns


The WorkXO online culture survey captures how people truly experience their workplace by analysing key culture indicators: Agility, Collaboration, Growth, Inclusion, Innovation, Solutions, Technologies and Transparency.

WorkXO measures these important culture markers and the eight building blocks that make up each one - along a continuum of traditional, to contemporary, to futurist.  The individual building blocks help you to see key culture patterns and contradictions inside your organisational culture. And the insights are immediately actionable.

Your organisational culture is unique, and it’s up to you (perhaps with a little help from us) to figure out how to help it thrive. 

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