Don't measure good or bad. Measure what is.


Many culture surveys focus on whether your organisational culture is good or bad. That judgment is based either on an abstract model of a high performing culture or the sentiment of your employees - do they like your culture or not. 


Powered by QuestionPro's Workforce platform, the WorkXO culture assessment does something different. It tells you exactly how your people experience your organisational culture. Instead of good or bad, WorkXO assesses how your culture is evolving from the traditional workplace to the future workplace. Neither end of the scale is inherently good or bad - that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Once you have powerful business intelligence around what your organisational culture really is, Peak Performance can help you to develop the culture you really need. Watch the demo to learn more.

WorkXO Culture Survey on the Workforce Platform from QuestionPro

Examine your true workplace experience

The WorkXO online culture survey captures how people truly experience the workplace by analysing eight core culture markers:

  • Agility - how change is managed

  • Collaboration - how people work together 

  • Growth - how the organisation develops its people

  • Inclusion - how diversity, inclusion and authenticity is managed

  • Innovation - how the organisation is set up to create new ideas and new value

  • Solutions - how internal (staff) and external (customer) needs are included

  • Technologies - how the organisation leverages technology

  • Transparency - how knowledge is communicated and trust built


These workplace culture indicators also represent the key components of leadership and management that are going through big changes today. 

Analyse your culture patterns


WorkXO allows you to see exactly where your organisational culture stands in terms of the transition away from traditional management and toward the future of work. 

The model measures eight culture markers and the eight building blocks that make up each one - along a continuum of traditional, to contemporary, to futurist.  The individual building blocks help you to see key patterns and contradictions inside your culture. And the insights are immediately actionable.

Your organisational culture is unique, and it’s up to you (perhaps with a little help from us) to figure out how to help it thrive. 

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