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Training and consulting anchor

Build the capability your people need now and for the future

Peak Performance creates and facilitates customised sales, customer service and leadership training that addresses the learning and development needs of your people in the context of your business. 


Customised Learning and Development

Close to 60,000 people in frontline, operational and leadership roles have participated in our customised learning and development programs across Australia and New Zealand.

Peak Performance will partner with you to design, develop and deliver face-to-face and online learning and development experiences that inspire and engage your people, enhance their skills, strengthen your culture and achieve measurable business results.

Peak Performance Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Our expert coaches and mentors provide a practical, strengths-based approach to developing individual leadership capability, often within the context of a major project, specific challenge, or change initiative.


All our coaches and mentors are professional businesspeople who have led their own teams, built their own businesses and guided leaders in various sectors. Peak performance leadership coaching and mentoring brings out the best in each leader, so they can lead their team more effectively and contribute to their organisation's success.


When you need additional expertise to help address your strategic and operational people and culture challenges, our team of senior business and HR/OD consultants are here for you. 


Check out some of the consulting projects we've been involved in recently.

Build the capability you need

Develop your sales team to deliver results

Customised to fit the way you do business, our sales training equips people in sales, business development and account management roles with the mindset, the practical skills, and the tools they need to reach their potential. We can help build the confidence and competence of your sales team to:

  • Compete on value, not price

  • Conduct more effective conversations to identify what customers want

  • Solve more of their customer’s problems

  • Ask for the business

  • Achieve better results

Ask us how we can help you to develop a more customer-driven sales culture across your whole organisation.

Grow your sales team
Sale Training Anchor
Customer experience that’s second to none

Create a customer experience that’s second to none


If you want to inspire and empower your people to deliver a customer experience that is second to none, Peak Performance can help:

  • develop your customer experience strategy

  • map your customer journeys

  • develop a customer-centric ethos

  • design and facilitate practical, skills-based customer service training

  • co-create and implement a customer-centric culture change program for the whole organisation

Contact us if you're ready to create superior value for all your key stakeholders.

Customer Service anchor

Develop your leadership talent

Bridge the gap between the leadership talent you have now and what you need for the future.

We can build a leadership training program for you from scratch or tailor our extensive array of intellectual property and leadership development tools to equip your managers to lead more authentically and effectively.

Our leadership learning and development programs often incorporate assessments, small group workshops that explore the latest in leadership thinking, extensive coaching practice, and workplace projects specifically designed for each organisation.

​Peak Performance also brings leadership teams together during times of major change by facilitating group strategy sessions, and we provide individual and group leadership coaching and mentoring to support leaders in their day to day challenges.

Leadership talent
Leadership anchor
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