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Make the emotional connection to increase employee engagement 

Beyond logical reason, it's emotional connection that inspires your people to work together towards a common purpose and to live the values that underpin your organisational culture. How people feel when they're at work impacts their performance, their creativity, commitment and fulfilment.

We use The Emotional Culture Deck to understand the emotions at the heart of your workplace culture. It's a simple and engaging tool that stimulates conversations about how people want to feel (and how they don't want to feel) at work. These conversations are often the catalyst for change towards a more inclusive, authentic and empathetic employee experience and a positive workplace culture where everyone thrives.

Partner with Peak Performance to build the "heart and head" connections necessary for your people to perform at their best and deploy the Peakon employee experience platform to find out if you're on the right track.

Help every employee drive the change they want to see with Peakon

People do their best work when they feel supported and trust their organisation. This starts with leaders cultivating employee-led conversations and prioritising their teams’ feedback. This goes beyond saying you are “people-first” — it means being people-forward.

People-forward organisations are committed to creating ongoing conversations with their teams, understanding and helping to meet employee expectations, and equipping everyone–no matter their tenure or role–with the insights they need to effect real change.


Companies around the world use Peakon insights to make fundamental changes to how their organisation operates — from implementing new pay structures to meet transparency goals, to coaching managers to lead remote teams in more efficient ways.


Find out how Peakon from Workday converts employee feedback into insights you can put to work.

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The Leading Employee Engagement Survey Platform

Peakon is the only employee engagement platform that activates every employee to take ownership for change.


Going beyond periodic, one-way surveys, Peakon’s unique Intelligent Listening technology surfaces the deeper employee experience EX truth through ongoing two-way conversations, delivering an accurate view of engagement that’s always up to date and connected across the entire organisation and employee lifecycle.

Peakon drives execution excellence and transformation success, with new levels of speed and confidence. Contextualised benchmarks provide a realistic look at your progress tracked against not only your industry, but also teams of similar size and makeup.


Through Peakon’s dynamic dashboards, managers and employees get immediate people insights they can action and resources they can use.

How Peak Performance and Peakon can support your organisation

Peakon measures employee engagement and transforms feedback into insights you can put to work. Beyond engagement, you receive insights into each phase of your employee lifecycle, from onboarding to separation. Advanced analytics and custom reporting help you to fully understand your employee experience - perfect for those with complex requirements.

Using the Peakon platform, Peak Performance can support your organisation to:

  • Accelerate individual and team performance with continuous feedback

  • Increase productivity, retention and business performance

  • Optimise your employee experience from onboarding to exit

  • Nurture the next generation of leadership

  • Measure, action and improve your organisation’s approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Peakon surveys your employees, analyses their feedback, and provides you with the insights you need to improve your business in real-time.

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