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Customised Training

Customised training and development is for organisations that want to ensure that the content, materials and facilitation style fits the exact needs of their people and their business.

Customised training is built specifically for you. It is not a generic off-the-shelf option that may miss the mark.

Peak Performance uses a four-step approach to deliver customised training: Discover, Develop, Deliver, Deploy.


In the discovery phase, we seek to understand your business at a high level, review appropriate research and clarify your requirements.  Based on that shared understanding, we design and develop an appropriate learning solution to help achieve your desired outcomes. Then we deliver an interactive, experiential session that involves, engages and aligns your team. With some guidance from us, you are then ready to implement the ideas, practices and actions that emerge from the training. 

A company like Peak Performance International can truly understand your business and create a targeted, relevant training and development experience that addresses your specific needs. Our customised training programs often incorporate assessments, small group workshops that explore the latest thinking, extensive coaching practice, and workplace projects specifically designed for each team or individual.

Despite the increased up-front investment required, customised training pays dividends because your people can readily apply what they learn in their roles and create a measurable impact on business results.

Executive Training

It takes effort and focus to cultivate the leadership talent your organisation needs. Peak Performance can build executive training programs for you from scratch or tailor our extensive array of intellectual property and leadership development tools to equip your executives to lead more authentically and effectively.

​Peak Performance also brings leadership teams together during times of major change by facilitating group strategy sessions, 1:1 executive coaching and mentoring to support them in their day-to-day challenges. Executive coaching can be extremely effective, in terms of maintaining the healthy, focused and energised leadership needed to lead business transformation.

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