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Peak Performance

Take a risk perspective

You can have best-practice risk controls in place however it is your organisational culture that ultimately influences the decisions your people make and the actions they take.

When it comes to risk, leaders can feel that their company culture is on the right path but they need evidence to understand the strengths and challenges in their risk culture. For example, the voice of dissent or concern can be lost without the right company culture to support open, honest and accountable feedback.


That is why it is important to complement risk reviews that examine risk management frameworks, policies and procedures with a risk culture review, and to ‘peek under the hood’ to see what is happening from a behavioural and cultural viewpoint.

Peak Performance is proud to partner with RSM Australia to conduct the Risk Culture Indicator survey which helps provide a unique level of assurance over the design and implementation of their client’s Risk Management Framework.

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“The RCI provided us with an objective numerical measure and a clear indication of the strengths and opportunities to improve how risk is managed across our organisation, with insights about staff’s risk management comprehension, engagement and capability.”

- Head of Risk for Diversa

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Review your risk culture


Our risk culture survey provides a snapshot of your people's perceived ability to identify, understand, openly discuss, escalate and act on the organisation's current and future challenges and risks.


Called the Risk Culture Indicator, the online risk culture survey assesses three important areas – leadership, communication and accountability - to understand cultural strengths and potential issues from a risk perspective.


The Risk Culture Indicator report provides leaders with the evidence and insights to understand, design and reinforce the right risk culture for their risk appetite, and to manage risk more effectively.

The 3 Pillars of the Risk Culture Indicator
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