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Organisational Culture Survey

Have you got the organisational culture you need to drive your business strategy? How do you know?

A comprehensive organisational culture survey from Peak Performance International will help you to understand the existing culture within your organisation, to articulate the culture you want for the future, and to focus on how to bridge the gap. It will also provide a measure of your cultural health that you can track and monitor over time as you implement culture change initiatives.

Organisational Culture

Organisational culture describes the shared values, beliefs and behaviors that determine how people do things within an organisation.

To truly comprehend an organisation’s culture, it is essential to look beyond what you can see on the surface and to understand the underlying values and beliefs that drive the collective behaviours of those within the organisation.

To understand organisational culture, Peak Performance recommends starting with a values-based culture survey because:

  • Values and behaviors drive culture

  • Culture drives employee engagement and fulfillment

  • Employee engagement and fulfillment drives customer satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction drives shareholder value

Our values reflect what is most important to us, and they drive the decisions we make and the actions we take. That’s why it is important for leaders to define and proactively role model the organisational values they wish to inspire in others.

As culture impacts everything inside your organisation, you have two choices.
You can prioritise and proactively influence your workplace culture, beginning with an organisational culture survey. Or, you can leave it to chance and risk your culture evolving in ways that negatively impact your people, performance and results.

​Risk Culture

An important aspect of organisational culture is how your people deal with risk.  You might have robust risk frameworks, policies, and procedures in place, but it is your organisational culture that has the greatest impact on the decisions your people make and the way they behave. That’s why the Peak Performance risk culture survey assesses three important areas – leadership, communication and accountability - to understand cultural strengths and potential issues from a risk perspective. The Peak Performance risk culture survey report provides insights to help align your risk culture with your organization’s risk appetite and to manage risk more effectively.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Peak Performance helps organisations who are going through a merger or acquisition to bring their people and cultures together successfully.  This is a specialist area called M&A culture integration. 

Linley Watson, CEO of Peak Performance International, is an authority in this area and has written a book about it - “Avoiding the M&A Failure Club”. When going through mergers and acquisitions, companies can suffer a tremendous loss of morale and encounter internal conflict. By working with Peak Performance, you’ll find the best path forward to integrate the new organisation from a people and culture perspective.

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