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Business success depends on the strength of connection

Connect the dots from culture to results


Culture starts at the top. It’s a reflection of the beliefs, values and behaviours of your leaders – past and present, and how those attributes have shaped the way you do things in your workplace. Mostly it's a reflection of the behaviours that get rewarded, those that get reprimanded and those that get overlooked.

​For more than 20 years, Peak Performance has been helping organisations to succeed by making the connection between culture, strategy and bottom-line results. Starting with values, behaviours and emotions we join the dots between people, performance, purpose and profit.

Focused on creating value for all stakeholders, our customer-centric approach to culture transformation builds your culture advantage and drives better business results.

“I've had the opportunity to work with Peak Performance on a number of larger change programmes. If you are looking to help your organisation become more customer obsessed then this is the team that can help you achieve your goals.”

– Director of Service, Vodafone New Zealand

Culture Transformation Process

Culture Transformation Process.png

Develop a culture that's right for you

The Peak Performance culture transformation process is a collaborative, creative and enjoyable experience that will help you to:

  • understand what your people value the most so you know how best to motivate them and keep them passionately engaged 

  • diagnose what is working and what's not in your current workplace culture so you can reinforce the strengths and address any underlying issues

  • design the optimal culture to inspire your people to deliver the strategy

  • develop and embed initiatives that drive the culture change you need to achieve your goals

Let us help you select the right culture assessment tools and approach for your business and then work together to co-create a measurable pathway to your optimal organisational culture - one that's right for your people, your customers and your bottom line.

Take a customer-centric approach to culture change

Culture change is a complex process. That's why Peak Performance has developed a customer-centric CULTURE change framework to plan and guide your progress. Our experienced culture change consultants can help you to action each of the eight steps:

COMMUNICATE: Involve, inform and inspire through clear, consistent and constant communication. 

UNDERSTAND: Clarify the 'big picture' so everyone understands the why, how, what and when, as well as the WIIFM!

LEAD: Lead people through the emotional stages of change.

TEAM: Get the right people in the right roles, working together as a team.

URGENCY: Create a bias for action and keep things moving forward.   

REVISE THE PLAN: Keep track of progress and correct your course.

EMBED: Execute the plan, persevere until change sticks, then keep improving.

The Peak Performance team is here to help you to develop a thriving and sustainable culture that puts the customer at the heart of your business.

Customer-centric Culture Change
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