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Culture Change Consultant

What is a Culture Change Consultant?

Organisational culture impacts everything in your organisation. Culture can be difficult to change because it challenges the collective ways of feeling, thinking and behaving that have been learned in order to survive and thrive in a particular organisation.

When it comes to organisational culture change it is useful to have an objective, external expert to work alongside you. 

As well as excellent communication skills, our organisational development and culture change consultants bring business nous earned across multiple sectors, a deep understanding of people and culture, and change management expertise. 

Culture change requires specialist expertise, practical experience and persistence! Working with a culture change consultant at the outset of your culture change efforts will help you to achieve your strategic objectives. They will help you build an aligned change management plan, develop and implement change initiatives, and take appropriate actions as you lead your people through the various phases of the change process.

Our experienced organisational development and culture change consultants have the ability to work with any company, of any size and offer precise recommendations relevant to their needs and possibilities. The Peak Performance team has more than 20 years of experience working with some of the most significant organisations in Australia and New Zealand. We have worked across many sectors including banking, insurance, transportation, telecommunications, professional services, government, and education. 

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