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The Wellbeing Culture Leadership Link

Assess and Measure Employee Wellbeing 

Peak Performance uses the Barrett Wellbeing Assessment for measuring employee wellbeing, understanding the work environment, and identifying factors that help or hinder wellbeing in the workplace.


Complementing Barrett's culture and leadership analytics, the Wellbeing Assessment is a comprehensive measure of the organisational drivers of employee wellbeing, including:

  • Structures & Systems

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Leadership & Culture


Workplace Wellbeing metrics shed light on the 'why' behind other key metrics such as absenteeism, retention and engagement and provide highly actionable insights, directly linking the cause, effect, and potential solutions. 

A culture that supports employee wellbeing has positive outcomes for your people and your organisation. Start measuring and enhancing wellbeing in your organisation today.

Improve Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing is impacted by what we experience and how we respond to it.


Find out the strengths and stressors in your workplace, your team's most-fulfilled and least-fulfilled needs, and identify their top requests to address the stressors and the depleting feelings resulting from the work environment.

Insights from the Barrett Wellbeing Assessment can support personal growth and organisational changes in culture, leadership, structure and systems.

The Barrett Wellbeing Assessment stimulates conversations and actions that will help your people and your organisation to thrive.

Workplace Wellbeing

Thrive At Work


The Barrett Wellbeing Assessment is based on the understanding of universal human needs and the supports that are necessary for people to thrive at work.


A blend of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, the latest in human needs research and the study of psychological wellbeing is continuing to reinforce the simple structure of the Barrett Model. 

With actionable, data-driven insights that focus on strengths, learnings, and opportunities, our holistic approach will help you to deliver better workplace wellbeing outcomes. 

Watch the video and contact us to learn more.

Barrett Analytics
The Barrett Wellbeing Model

The Wellbeing Model


Barrett's 7 levels model underpins the Wellbeing Assessment, seamlessly linking wellbeing to leadership and culture initiatives.


The Wellbeing Assessment report identifies strengths and stressors in the work environment, the impacts on employee wellbeing, and employee requests for change.


This means that you can quickly take action on the results to improve the wellbeing of your people and the culture of your organisation.

BVC Wellbeing Assessment Model
The Barrett Model
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