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Additional insights and resources for you


Here are some resources that might pique your interest. There are recently published articles about leadership and culture and some useful values and culture tools that you can use in your organisation.

Other useful articles, podcasts and tools


Intelligent Listening -  An Updated Approach to Measuring Employee Experience

by Peakon

Theoretical Support for The Barrett Model (Cultural Values Assessment)

by Dr Crystal Wiedemann

PODCAST: M&A Stories - Use the Power of Communication for a Successful M&A Marriage

Toby Tester and Robert Heaton interview Linley Watson who shares her top 10 tips for communicating effectively during M&A.

The Great Transformation? The Cultural Implications of COVID-19

by Dr Crystal Wiedemann

Insights from Barrett's Global COVID-19 survey - May 2020

by Barrett Values Centre

FREE Personal Values Assessment

by Barrett Values Centre

FREE e-course Understanding Your Personal Values

by Barrett Values Centre

FREE Book "Avoiding the M&A Failure Club - what the numbers don't reveal"

by Linley Watson

Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations - Key learnings, exercises and case studies

by Tor Eneroth and Ashley Munday