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The right expertise when you need it

Consulting expertise when you need it

Whether you need objective advice, specialist expertise, or a safe pair of hands, Peak Performance has a senior team of experienced consultants ready to help you transform your business or plan and implement your change initiatives,

When consulting, our preference is to take a coaching approach. We like to transfer our knowledge and skills so your team is better equipped for next time and confident to implement what needs to be done.

Some examples of our recent consulting projects across various sectors include:

  • strategy development, internal communications, program management, continuous improvement and culture assessment and development for a major organisational transformation

  • developing a customer and market engagement strategy and roadmap 

  • developing a comprehensive leadership capability framework for all levels of leader

  • one-on-one planning sessions with an HR Director to determine initiatives, priorities and resources for supporting the business in its next phase of growth

  • designing initiatives to lift employee engagement after an engagement survey

  • implementing project and change management disciplines to improve the employee and customer experience during a new system rollout

  • planning and project management for a merger integration

  • training and coaching client change champions so they can lead change initiatives more effectively

  • co-developing culture development plans for numerous clients

  • risk culture assessment, review and recommendations

  • working alongside the Chairman of the Board to help craft his communications for various stakeholders

  • designing and facilitating a Board culture assessment and strategic session to help set the tone from the top


If you do not have the specialist in-house expertise, your people don't have the time, or you want a broader perspective, you know who to call!