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peak performance
Peak Performance coaching conversation

Peak performance leadership coaching and mentoring

Peak performance leadership coaching and mentoring is a transformative approach to leadership development. As a result of our working together, you can expect to:

  • perform better and feel better

  • interact with others more authentically and constructively

  • be more productive

  • handle stress and pressure more effectively

  • make better decisions

  • be more confident and successful in your role as a leader.

Because leadership is a combination of doing and being, peak performance coaching and mentoring helps you to develop:

  • your leadership skills and practices

  • who you are as a leader

  • how you work with your team and peers

so you can amplify your strengths, change for the better and make a more positive impact on your team and organisation.

Available online, or in person, for individuals or teams, peak performance leadership coaching and mentoring is ideal if you want guidance and support to improve your capability as a leader, so you can do your best work, facilitate change and be even more successful.

And, If you're open to new ideas, check out our REIDAR holistic executive coaching programs that combine coaching conversations with complementary wellbeing practices to help you relax, rebalance and replenish your internal energy systems, and refocus your life.

Please get in touch for a confidential discussion to discuss the approach that is right for you.

"Linley is a great communicator and a thoughtful and gifted coach and mentor. I met Linley at a transition point in my life where I was looking to make changes on personal and professional levels. Coaching with Linley helped me to reconnect to my own strengths to achieve things that I thought were not possible! I feel that I am now moving in a more authentic direction in life and in work thanks to her." - Emma Williams, Lawyer

“Working with Peak Performance was a wonderful experience for myself and my team. They showed incredible professionalism, diligence and commitment in helping our team achieve our goals. Whilst their efforts to assist in mentoring, leadership growth, strategy development and implementation were extraordinary, what was most impressive is how they treated our team not simply as members of a corporation, but as uniquely gifted individuals with capacity to grow. From day one it was evident that they were invested in us and they went above and beyond to help achieve our goals. They gained the trust of our team very quickly and were able to work successfully with a variety of personality types. It was an absolute joy working with the team at Peak Performance and I would not hesitate to work with them in the future.” - T. Juszczak, Director

“You engaged me throughout the process, listened to my comments and were able to refer back to make links with my comments and the assessment data.  Your questions enabled me to look at the data and draw conclusions rather than you just telling me. I felt affirmed, challenged and have great insights into what I can continue to develop to be an effective leader. Most grateful for the opportunity.” - Josie V, Workstream Lead
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